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♥ my MISTYcal place ♥
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"I don't let everyone see who I am,
there are faces I only show to you.

and there are even more that I only want you to see..."

--Tsukiyomi Ikuto
(my favorite quote from him! ♥ ^__^)

this blog is my escape...
because like him, there are things I don't let anybody in my real world see... only here. only in my place. IN MY MISTYcal PLACE ^__- ♥

♥ Love lots~ (o"o) ♥


idk but i am laughing
I just saw this when I opened my account. Tumblr also had put on a notice to change our passwords. Go here for more info —-> heartbleed.com

So I fell in love with this picture, and made it snow.
DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THIS PICTURE. THE ORIGINAL ARTIST DESERVES ALL THE CREDIT (to be honest, I’m upset that this was first found on we heart it).
© Edited & GIF by xxscarletxrosexx

Jack ♥ ElsaArtist: luluke [pixiv] | facebook

Note: Permission to upload has been given by the artist. Don’t add your watermark, redistribute, edit or use the photo without the artist’s permission.